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Mapleton State School Celebrates 125 Years of Educating the Community

This year marks a significant milestone for Mapleton State School – a remarkable 125 years of serving the community! Since its humble beginnings in 1899, the school has grown and adapted alongside Mapleton itself, becoming a cornerstone of the town’s identity.

From Humble Beginnings to a Thriving School

The school’s story starts in 1899 with the opening of the Mapleton Provisional School. With just 15 students and their teacher, Lizzie Fitzgerald, the school was built by the local community, reflecting a spirit of collaboration that continues to this day. The original building, built on land designated for a school reserve, even served as a venue for community gatherings after hours.

In 1908, a new school building was constructed, the central room of which remains the heart of A Block today. The school’s status was elevated to a State School in 1909, and by 1913, the student population had grown to 35. Throughout the early 20th century, the school continued to expand, with additional buildings, staff, and facilities being added to meet the growing needs of the community.

In 1923, the school acquired a unique piece of history – their bell. Purchased for 30 shillings ($145 today) from the shire council, it had previously served on the Mapleton Steam Locomotive that traversed the local tramway. Mounted proudly on the verandah, the bell chimed for the official opening of the new second classroom on June 8th, 1923. It faithfully served the school for many years, finding new homes within the grounds as needed. However, the 1960s saw a brief adventure for the bell – it went missing for a week before being mysteriously returned. Traditionally, the honor of ringing the bell fell to the graduating grade 7 students, a cherished right that marked their passage through the school.

Adapting to Changing Times

Mapleton State School’s history is intertwined with the broader social and economic landscape. The Great Depression and the collapse of the local citrus industry in the 1930s led to a decline in student numbers, while World War II further reduced the population. However, the school’s spirit remained strong, and during the 1950s and 1960s, it saw a gradual increase in enrolment.

A significant moment came in 1967 when the school welcomed students from the closed Dulong, Kureelpa, and Flaxton schools. This not only expanded the school’s reach but also fostered a sense of unity within the broader Mapleton community.

Growth and Innovation

The following decades witnessed continued growth at Mapleton State School. By 1981, the student population had reached 120, necessitating further construction projects. The 1980s saw the addition of B Block, C Block, and the amenities building, providing much-needed space and facilities. Innovation wasn’t neglected either, with the construction of a unique Astronomical Observatory in 2002, a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering a love of science and exploration.

In 2010, the school’s music room was opened by Alex Somlyay MP, the then member for Fairfax, thanks to $139,997 from the Investing in Our Schools Programme. This funding allowed the expansion of a school building to enable the construction of the facility.

The Mapleton State School is currently working on a project to develop their school garden. This project is a result of a grant received in late 2022 through the Queensland Government’s Organic Waste Smart School Program. The funding will allow the school to build a 6-bay composting system, turning kitchen scraps into valuable fertilizer for the garden.

An additional $35,000 grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund was secured in 2023 to further develop the garden. This grant is being used to plan and install an irrigation system with the help of local business Aqua-Power in Nambour. The school also has plans to erect an additional greenhouse, purchase essential garden tools, and create worm farms.

The garden project is not just about growing vegetables. It is designed to be a valuable outdoor learning space for the students. The school envisions integrating the garden into the curriculum, allowing students to connect with nature and learn about food production. In the future, they may even sell excess fresh produce at the Mapleton Country Market!

Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future

In 1999, the school celebrated its centenary with great fanfare, including the burying of a time capsule. This year, on July 17th, the 125th anniversary was another momentous occasion. The school invited the entire community to join in the festivities, which will included historical displays, the opening of the time capsule, musical performances by students, and a showcase of student work.

Mapleton State School’s 125-year journey is a story of dedication, resilience, and a commitment to providing quality education. From its humble beginnings to its present-day standing as a vibrant hub of learning, the school reflects the spirit of the Mapleton community. As it embarks on its next chapter, Mapleton State School is sure to continue to be a place where students can thrive, and the community can gather and celebrate.

Fire Ants Detected

Fire ants have been unwelcome visitors to Aura, and their arrival requires a community-wide response. These aggressive insects, native to South America, are a serious threat to our local environment, pets, and even ourselves.

Silent Invaders:

Fire ants likely arrived in Australia through shipping containers decades ago. They’re adept hitchhikers, travelling in soil, mulch, and plants. While there are many ant species in Australia, only Solenopsis invicta is classified as an invasive fire ant.

The Threat They Pose:

Fire ants are a menace for several reasons. Their painful stings can cause burning welts and allergic reactions. They disrupt ecosystems by displacing native species and predating on insects and small animals. Fire ants can also damage property by chewing through electrical wires and building materials.

Identifying the Enemy:

Fire ants are reddish-brown in color, with one or two bumps on their waists. They are about 2-6 millimeters long, with workers having a single node on their petiole (the connection between the thorax and abdomen) while queens have two. If you suspect fire ants on your property, don’t hesitate to contact Biosecurity Queensland for identification.

Your Responsibility:

Everyone in Queensland has a legal obligation under the Biosecurity Act to help prevent the spread of fire ants. Here’s what you can do:

  • Report sightings immediately: If you see fire ants, report them to Biosecurity Queensland within 24 hours. Early detection is crucial for eradication efforts.
  • Be aware of the fire ant biosecurity zone: A zone is now in effect for Nirimba, limiting the movement of soil, mulch, plants, and other materials that could carry fire ants. Residents within the zone should check the specific regulations and follow them carefully. This might involve using certified fire ant-safe practices before transporting materials.
  • Apply for permits if needed: If complying with movement restrictions is difficult, you can apply for a biosecurity permit.
  • Stay informed: Regularly check fire ant biosecurity zone information for updates. The National Fire Ant Eradication Program (NFAEP) website is a valuable resource for information on eradication efforts and best practices.

Working Together for a Fire-Ant-Free Community:

Eradicating fire ants requires a collective effort. By following these steps and remaining vigilant, we can protect our community and prevent these destructive insects from establishing themselves in our community. Remember, a fire ant-free community starts with you!

North Coast Line Upgrade Secures Funding for Progress

The North Coast Line upgrade is a significant infrastructure project that should bring benefits to our local community.

Project Highlights:

Duplication of the North Coast Line:
This is the major improvement. Currently, the line has a single track between Beerburrum and Landsborough, which creates bottlenecks and delays. Duplicating the track will increase capacity, allowing more trains to run more frequently.

Historical Significance:
The North Coast Line has a rich history dating back to 1891. It played a crucial role in opening the region for agriculture, settlement, and tourism. Additionally, the upgrade area is surrounded by a unique landscape that has significant cultural and heritage attributes.

Environmental Considerations:
The project incorporates measures to minimize environmental impact. Construction materials are chosen with sustainability in mind, and wherever possible, existing vegetation is preserved.

Improved Traffic Flow:
The project includes several key improvements to level crossings and intersections:

  • A new road overpass on Beerburrum Road will eliminate congestion and improve safety at this busy intersection.
  • Replacing the Barrs Road level crossing with a new road overpass will significantly reduce waiting times and improve traffic flow on Barrs Road.
  • Two private level crossings will be closed, with alternative access provided. This will enhance safety for both drivers and train passengers.
  • A new road overpass will replace the existing bridge, improving safety and traffic flow on Burgess Street.
  • The project includes the expansion of the existing park ‘n’ ride facility at Beerburrum Station and the construction of entirely new facilities at Landsborough and Nambour Stations. This will provide more parking options for commuters, encouraging carpooling and reducing traffic congestion on roads.

Benefits for our community:

  • The duplication of parts of the line and other improvements should lead to faster travel times between Mapleton and major destinations like Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Nambour. This should make commuting for work or leisure much easier and quicker.
  • The improved capacity and service frequency will likely lead to more train services being offered, providing residents with a more convenient and reliable public transport option.
  • The project is creating local construction jobs and will likely stimulate the economy in the long term by improving connectivity and access to Mapleton.

Current Status:

Early works are complete, with new park ‘n’ ride facilities at Landsborough and Nambour Stations, and a new section of Steve Irwin Way already open. Stage 1 construction is expected to be finished by 2025/26.


This project is a major investment in the future of the region. It will improve traffic flow, safety, and public transport options, making our community a more attractive and connected place to live, work, and visit. While we celebrate this progress, in the long term, the improved accessibility due to the upgrade will lead to increased development along the train line which will be a concern for a community which values the current rural character of the area.

Overall, the North Coast Line upgrade is a positive development for Mapleton. By acknowledging potential concerns and highlighting mitigation efforts, we can ensure a smooth transition and maximise the project’s benefits for our community.

Read Bears Program Brings Literacy Boost to Mapleton

The Blackall Range Lions Club brings the ‘Read Bears’ program to Mapleton State School. This initiative aims to enhance children’s reading skills by encouraging them to develop a nightly reading routine with their very own cuddly bear companion.

Last month, at the start of Term 2, Year One students received special presentation boxes containing a handcrafted bear, a book, and information about the ‘Read Bears’ program.

Parents like Karina and Kane have already seen a remarkable transformation in their son’s reading habits since receiving his “Fuzzy” bear. Their son “…reads to Fuzzy every night, sometimes even multiple times,” they shared. “His reading skills have improved significantly, and he’s developed a sense of responsibility and care towards Fuzzy.” Their experience highlights the program’s potential to not only enhance literacy but also foster important life values in young children.

The Read Bears program was developed by HBNC in 2019, drawing inspiration from similar programs in Europe and Canada. It’s currently operating in 13 schools across the Wide Bay region and has shown promising results. Schools in Hervey Bay have reported “significant improvements in Year One reading levels” since adopting the program, according to Lions Club Project Leader Helen Smith.

The Blackall Range Lions Club, with the dedication of its knitting group, meticulously crafted the bears specifically for the program. Helen Smith expresses her enthusiasm about the potential impact on local students’ literacy and hopes to see similar positive outcomes at Mapleton State School. Montville State School is also set to join the program in Term 4, expanding the reach of Read Bears in the region.

Mapleton Remembers

The community came together on a beautiful Anzac Day morning, April 25th, to honour the bravery and sacrifice of all those who served our country.

The spirit of remembrance filled the air as residents gathered at the Mapleton Memorial Park. Established just 13 years before WWI, Australia’s swift response to join the fight alongside the Commonwealth was acknowledged. The Gallipoli landings of 1915, a defining moment in our nation’s history, were particularly remembered, as Anzac Day honours the soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought on those shores.

A Community United in Respect

The service was a touching display of community spirit. Representatives from major Mapleton organisations, including the Mapleton and District Community Association (MADCA), laid a wreath alongside dozens of additional wreaths placed by individuals. The solemnity of the occasion was accentuated by the moving speeches delivered.

The young faces of the Mapleton and Montville school choirs added a poignant element to the ceremony. Their combined voices resonated with a heartfelt rendition of “Lest We Forget.” Adding to the emotional weight, Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields” was recited, and Major Peter Walsh delivered a powerful address.

The participation of schoolchildren was particularly moving. They took turns placing poppies beside the name of each soldier inscribed on the memorial, a touching tribute that ensured no sacrifice was forgotten.

Lest We Forget

Mapleton’s ANZAC Day service served as a powerful reminder of the courage and dedication displayed by past and present service personnel. The community came together to remember their sacrifice and ensure their legacy lives on.

Hinterland Bowlers Celebrate Successful Season at Presentation Day

The Yandina Bowls Club was abuzz with activity on the afternoon of 14th April as the Bowlers Paradise Hinterland Local League (BPHLL) held its Presentation Day, marking the culmination of the league’s 12th season. This well-established competition provides a welcoming and competitive environment for lawn bowlers of all abilities across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

The BPHLL is dedicated to fostering inclusivity within the sport, offering opportunities for bowlers of all skill levels to represent their local clubs. This commitment was evident at the Presentation Day, with each participating club fielding at least one team of four, including a woman and a novice or junior player. This format ensures a fun and engaging experience for bowlers of all backgrounds.

20 teams representing 9 clubs – Nambour, Yandina, Woombye, Palmwoods, Mapleton, Kenilworth, Pomona, and Cooroy – participated in a spirited game on Presentation Day. The highlight of the event was the announcement of the overall league winners, with Nambour Bowls Club achieving a remarkable double, taking home both the Men’s and Ladies’ championship titles. Each team that took part received vouchers from sponsor Bowlers Paradise.

Adding to the excitement were two separate raffles – one for seasoned bowlers and another for novices – with the fantastic prize of a brand-new set of bowls in each category. Courtesy of sponsors Sunshine Coast Bowls Shop and Support2U, the lucky winners were Roger Nichols from Nambour Heights Bowls Club and Beth Jenkins from Nambour Bowls Club.

Local Councillor David Law also graced the event, sharing camaraderie with the bowlers and learning more about the league’s history and its positive impact on the Sunshine Coast community. The afternoon concluded with a delightful spread of refreshments, providing a perfect opportunity for bowlers to celebrate the season’s achievements and forge lasting friendships.

The BPHLL’s success story exemplifies the power of sport to bring people together, regardless of age or experience level. With its focus on inclusivity, friendly competition, and fostering the next generation of bowlers, the league is sure to continue its thriving presence within the Sunshine Coast Hinterland for many seasons to come.

Mapleton Residents and Businesses Chart a Course for a Better Community

The Mapleton and District Community Association (MADCA) recently held a successful strategic workshop to explore ways to make Mapleton an even better place to live. The workshop, held on March 24th at the Mapleton School Hall, brought together 30 participants comprising residents and business representatives, for a productive discussion.

Looking Back and Moving Forward

The day began with a review of the achievements made by MADCA since the last strategic workshop three years ago. Following this, the focus shifted to the future, with participants actively brainstorming ideas under the banner: “How do we make our community an even better place to live in?”

This brainstorming session yielded a wealth of proposals, categorised into six key themes: Infrastructure, Transport, Community Facilities, Planning, Recreation, and Environment.

Prioritising and Taking Action

Participants then voted on the proposals they felt were most important. The top-ranked ideas will be further developed by working groups established by the MADCA management committee. These groups will refine the proposals and establish implementation strategies.
The article goes on to detail some of the specific proposals under each theme. Here are some highlights:

  • Infrastructure: Proposals include progressing the walkway/bikeway to Montville, creating walking loops around town, and developing an MTB hub in the Mapleton forest.
  • Environment: Exploring biosphere and dark sky initiatives, establishing wildlife corridors, and promoting weed control education are all on the agenda.
  • Community Facilities: Maintaining public amenities, investigating the possibility of a community centre, and exploring the use of the pub as a public space are all being considered.
  • Transport: The need for a weekend bus service, on-demand transport options, and a labour transport service were identified as priorities.
  • Planning: Increased MADCA representation at planning forums, promoting networking between neighbouring communities, and fostering community understanding of planning codes are key goals.

MADCA’s Role:

  • The association will play a crucial role in:
  • Supporting working groups in developing implementation strategies.
  • Representing Mapleton’s interests at regional forums.
  • Fostering collaboration with neighbouring communities.
  • Engaging residents on planning issues and building community understanding.

Moving Forward Together

The Mapleton Strategic Workshop has generated a wealth of ideas and a renewed sense of community spirit. By working together, MADCA and Mapleton residents can turn these ideas into reality, making Mapleton an even more vibrant and liveable place.

Additional Information:

Residents interested in getting involved with the working groups can contact MADCA via their email, or by attending MADCA’s general meetings.

Your Local Grocery Bill: Are You Paying a Fair Price?

Wed 3rd Apr: Many of us are feeling the pinch at the checkout, with grocery prices seemingly on the rise. To understand why this is happening and ensure everyone gets a fair deal, the government has launched an investigation into supermarket pricing.

What is the inquiry looking at?

This is the first major investigation into supermarket pricing since 2008. The inquiry will examine several key areas, including:

  1. How competitive grocery prices are in Australia, and if there’s any evidence of price gouging.
  2. How the supermarket industry is structured, from farmers who grow the food to the products on the shelves.
  3. The impact of online shopping on competition.
  4. The challenges faced by smaller and independent grocery stores, especially in regional areas.
  5. Why the price that farmers receive for their produce (farmgate price) can be so different from what we pay at the supermarket.
  6. How loyalty programs and other discounts affect competition.
  7. Why is this important?

Groceries are one of the biggest expenses for most families. By understanding the factors affecting grocery prices, the inquiry can help identify ways to bring those costs down. This could include making the supermarket industry more competitive or ensuring farmers get a fairer share of the profits.

How can you get involved?

Local MP, Rob Skelton, is encouraging everyone to participate in a short, 30-second survey to share their experiences with grocery shopping. By taking part, you can help ensure the inquiry considers our communities concerns.

Sunshine Coast Community Forum Charts Course for Future Workforce

Wed 3rd Apr: The Sunshine Coast Community Forum (SCCF) held its second forum, focusing on education, skills, and training for the future workforce. The forum identified four key priorities: accessible transport, youth development, affordable housing, and capitalising on the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

A key theme was ensuring young people have the skills and opportunities they need to succeed. Discussions highlighted the importance of vocational education and training , with TAFE Queensland showcasing its vocational education and training (VET) options, including courses in high-demand fields like healthcare; and the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) highlighting programs to upskill and reskill residents. Programs like Link & Launch assist recent graduates transitioning to work or further studies.

Challenges were also identified, including the high cost of living impacting training affordability and transportation limitations restricting access to education options. The forum explored solutions such as Fee-Free TAFE courses and initiatives to promote industry engagement in schools.

A facilitated panel discussion identified the need to better inform young people and adults about training opportunities. The newly established Regional Jobs Committee (RJC) was seen as a promising platform for industry-government collaboration to address workforce shortages and promote local opportunities.

Forum representation: Caloundra, Flaxton. Glasshouse Mountains, Maleny, Mapleton, Parrearra, Sunrise Beach, West Woombye

Mapleton Seeks Input on Village Centre Parking Solutions

Sat 23rd Mar: The Mapleton and District Community Association (MADCA) is seeking community feedback on solutions to improve parking in the village centre.

A survey conducted last August revealed resident and visitor concerns about safety, limited parking availability, disability access, and traffic flow.

“The feedback we received is invaluable,” said MADCA. “Understanding these challenges will help us develop strategies that balance the needs of a growing community with the unique character of Mapleton.”

Key areas of focus include:

  1. Enhancing pedestrian safety and accessibility
  2. Identifying opportunities to create additional parking
  3. Improving traffic flow in the village centre

MADCA is encouraging residents to participate in an online survey to share their thoughts on proposed solutions. The survey can be accessed by visiting the MADCA website ( [invalid URL removed].au) or scanning the provided QR code.

“Community engagement is essential,” said MADCA. “By working together, we can create a vibrant village centre that caters to everyone and preserves the charm that makes Mapleton special.”

New Options for Wastewater Pump Out Emerge in Mapleton and District

Wed 6th Mar: The Mapleton and District Council (MDCA) has published a paper outlining new options for residents who currently rely on septic waste pump out services. The cost of these services is expected to rise due to increasing fuel and transportation costs.

The MDCA paper highlights the environmental impact of the current system. Heavy pump out trucks contribute to road wear and tear and CO2 emissions, releasing around 150 tons annually just from fuel consumption. Additionally, the frequent presence of these trucks on town streets can cause traffic congestion.

The paper explores alternative solutions, including:

On-site treatment systems: While effective, these systems can be expensive and require sufficient land and environmental capacity to disperse treated water. The size and capacity of the system are typically determined by the number of bedrooms in the property. The SCRC has been assisting residents with assessments for these systems, but to date, they have only explored complete replacements for pump outs.

Hybrid systems: A more affordable option for those who cannot install complete treatment systems. These hybrid systems can reduce pump out volume by 50%, leading to annual savings between $700 and $7,000 depending on household size.

Combined systems for pump out and water purchase: For residents who rely on both pump out services and buying water during dry seasons, these systems offer combined savings. They can also reduce the environmental impact associated with water trucking.

The MDCA paper outlines options believed to be compliant with current Queensland standards and guidelines, incorporating advice from SCRC plumbing regulators. These options offer additional benefits:

Reduced environmental impact: By reducing pump out frequency and volume, more water stays in the local environment, benefiting rain-dependent properties across the Range.

Reduced burden on sewerage system: Lower pump out volumes translate to thousands of fewer liters processed by the Unity Water sewerage system in Nambour each month.

The paper concludes with a guide to help homeowners determine the most suitable option for their needs, including relevant section references for further information within the document.

Mapleton Choir Thrives with MADCA Grant and New Beginnings

Sat 24th Feb: The Mapleton Choir is gearing up for an exciting year in 2024, thanks to a grant from the Mapleton and District Community Association (MADCA) and the arrival of a new musical director.

“We are very pleased to support the district choir to ensure its continuity,” said Peter Gamgee, Vice President of MADCA. “The choir provides a valuable social outlet for its members and contributes to community events like the Mapleton RSL ANZAC Day ceremony.”

The MADCA grant, made possible by the success of the Mapleton Country Market, will help the choir flourish under the guidance of new director Brian Martin. Martin brings 25 years of musical expertise and a passion for spreading harmony.

“We have a new repertoire with 15 diverse songs, from Mozart to Mercury,” said Kathie Buswell from the choir. “We’ll be performing these in 4-part harmony at two concerts on June 1st and 2nd.”

The choir is also welcoming new members. “Now is the time to join up and make your Mondays musical!” said Buswell. Rehearsals take place at the Kureelpa Hall from 7-9pm every Monday.

With MADCA’s support, a talented new director, and a fresh repertoire, the Mapleton Choir is set for a harmonious and vibrant 2024. If you’re interested in joining, contact the choir or attend a rehearsal to experience the joy of singing together.

Attention Home Battery Owners: Important Safety Recall for LG and Potentially Other Brands

Wed 21st Feb: Residents, be aware! LG Energy Solution Australia has issued a safety recall for specific models of their residential energy storage system batteries (ESS Home Batteries). This recall is crucial, and it’s important to check your system even if you don’t think you have an LG-branded battery.

Why the Recall?

The affected batteries, equipped with cells manufactured between March 29, 2017, and September 13, 2018, may overheat and potentially catch fire, posing a serious risk of injury or property damage. Incidents of property damage have already been reported.

What to Do:

Identify Your Battery: The recall applies not only to LG-branded batteries but also to certain SolaX, Opal and unbranded systems that might contain LG cells.

Check Your Battery: LG Energy Solution Australia has a dedicated webpage to help you determine if your battery is affected. Visit and follow the instructions to check your battery model and serial number.

Take Action: If your battery is part of the recall, do not use it. Contact LG Energy Solution Australia immediately to arrange a free replacement, regardless of the brand name on your system.

Recall History: LG first announced this recall in February 2021 and expanded it in August 2021 to include additional models.

Stay Informed: For more information on the recall, including a full list of affected models and contact details, visit the LG Energy Solution Australia website at

Remember, your safety is a priority. Take action today! Even if you’re unsure about the brand, checking your battery is essential to ensure your safety.

An Edible Education Blooms at Mapleton State School

Sat 10th Feb: Remember the tiny school garden tucked away in the corner of Mapleton State School? Well, thanks to the dedication of parents and the support of local organisations and state government, it’s blossoming into a vibrant hub of learning and student engagement!

The journey began in 2019 when a group of parents envisioned a larger garden, where children could actively participate and connect with nature. They dreamt of integrating the garden into the curriculum, using its bounty to nourish both bodies and minds.

Local permaculture experts, Perm Eco, stepped in to design the garden, ensuring sustainability and self-reliance. In late 2022, the school secured funding through the Queensland Government’s Organic Waste Smart School Program, allowing them to build a 6-bay composting system, turning kitchen scraps into valuable fertilizer.

But the growth didn’t stop there! In 2023, a generous $35,000 grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund paved the way for an irrigation system which is now being planned with the help of local business Aqua-Power in Nambour. Plus, the school has plans to erect an additional greenhouse, purchase essential garden tools, and create worm farms. To help fund future garden expansion and additional school activities, our goal is to sell excess fresh produce at the Mapleton Country Market for the community to enjoy.

Now, the garden is ready to flourish, and the school is extending a warm welcome to the wider community! Want to get involved? Whether you have a green (or brown) thumb or simply enjoy being outdoors, there’s a place for you! Lend a hand with weeding, mulching, harvesting, or sharing your gardening wisdom. Contact Heidi from the schools P&C committee to learn more and join the fun! Mobile: 0498778694, Email:

Kindy Raises the Bar Blinds

Thu 25th Jan: The Range Community Kindergarten families were the delighted recipients of the first grant from the Mapleton and District Community Association’s (MADCA) Community Grants Program. This grant has allowed for the purchase and install of new blinds from local business, In Curtains and Blinds.

MADCA President Max Standage said, “The MADCA Community Grants Program was set up in 2023 to give back to the Community the funds raised by the Mapleton Country Market. The Mapleton Country Market is run under the auspices of MADCA and the whole community pitches in to support local initiatives. Giving to the Kindy nurtures the leaders of tomorrow.” An outstanding application outlining an urgent need for replacement blinds saw The Range Community Kindy starting the new year with smart new window coverings. MADCA fast-tracked funds to enable the installation to occur with minimal disruption over the break and welcomed the opportunity to present a cheque while viewing the new blinds.

Kindy President Brooklyn said, “Not only do these blinds allow us to control the room light and temperature (especially for rest time), but they are also critical for effective lockdown practice and site security. The fact that they also brighten up the whole place beautifully is an added bonus Thank you again MADCA!! Thank you for supporting our kindy and its community in this way.”

The Range Community Kindy is affiliated with The Lady Gowrie Community Kindergartens, operates a 3/2 week for 27 students and is well-staffed with a teacher, two educators, a service manager and a great committee. Enquiries are always welcome.

Watch the MADCA website for announcements of future Grant rounds. To receive monthly updates join the Community Newsletter email list by emailing

Mapleton’s Annual Light the Lights

Fri 1st Dec: Light the Lights 2023 was a tremendous success despite the weather-cautious need to move from the beautiful Lilyponds Park and go undercover at the Mapleton State School. After months of planning, this eagerly anticipated Christmas event kicked off at 4:30 with a number of Christmas tunes performed sweetly by the Sunshine Chimes led by conductor Wendy Turton. This was followed by a performance by a small group from the Mapleton Kindy who delighted the happy crowd by singing the lovely ‘Welcome to all People’ song. Reminder: The Range Community Kindy has places available for the free Kindy program in 2024.

Miss Donna & Mr Jay’s Magical Christmas Show is always a great favourite. They had the children laughing non-stop and squealing loudly as Miss Donna produced a Magic Christmas Cake. Mr Jay blew up a massive balloon eventually disappearing inside it to the awe of the children. There was a chorus of piercing shrieks when the balloon finally burst to end the show. It was definitely a great night for the children. It’s no wonder they look forward to it. Faces were painted splendidly by the face-painter. The climax of the evening for the children was the arrival of Santa who sat serenely in his chair handing out Christmas gifts.

The adults didn’t miss out. Once the children’s entertainment was finished, Girl Friday took over the show for the remainder of the evening playing both naughty and nice Christmas tunes led by the
beautiful singer Michele G.

There was something for everyone. Stall holders had a wide array of great gift ideas including treats for the doggies. The Blackall Range Lions sold their Christmas cakes, MADCA members offered a
range of home-made slices and the Community Gym had a BBQ. Hundreds of raffle tickets were sold in the preceding weeks for the chance to win one of the wonderful prizes donated by many local
businesses. The winning tickets were drawn on the night. Councillor David Law gave a brief speech before officially switching on the lights of the beautiful Christmas tree designed and built by the Mapleton Men’s Shed.

MADCA President Max Standage, spoke briefly acknowledging all the support received. Jan Collins, who coordinated the organising
team, was presented with a thank-you gift. Jan followed her words of thanks with an invitation to anyone interested in joining the MADCA Light the Lights 2024 sub-committee to work towards making next year’s event even better to contact

The success of this community event would not have been possible without the support of many in the community. The MADCA is very appreciative of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s immense
support in the form of a grant. Keep informed about future events and happenings through the monthly community newsletter, sign up by emailing

Remembrance Day

Sat 11th Nov: On Remembrance Day, the Mapleton sub-branch of the RSL held a moving ceremony in the park at Mapleton to honor the sacrifices made by Australian soldiers during the war. The event was attended by many locals who came together to pay their respects. The ceremony included a heartfelt address by Marcia Jensen of the Blackall Range Lions Club, who recounted her own family’s war experience. The Mapleton and Montville School choir sang “In Flanders Fields,” a poignant tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in battle. Several community groups laid wreaths in honor of the fallen soldiers, and everyone stood while Henriette Guest read “The Ode of Remembrance.” The national anthems of both Australia and New Zealand were sung wholeheartedly, bringing the ceremony to a close.

It is important to remember the sacrifices made by Australian soldiers during the war. 416,809 Australians enlisted during the war, and 334,000 served overseas. The AIF sustained approximately 210,000 casualties, of which 61,519 were killed or died of their wounds, a casualty rate among the highest of any in the war. The AIF fought in several campaigns starting in German New Guinea. The infantry division fought during the Gallipoli Campaign between April and December 1915, then France and Belgium, Egypt and along the Western Front. The names of five local men are listed on the memorial plaque in the park. This is what we must remember.In conclusion, the Remembrance Day ceremony held by the Mapleton sub-branch of the RSL was a touching tribute to the sacrifices made by Australian soldiers during the war. The event brought together the local community to honor the fallen soldiers and to remember their bravery and sacrifice – Lest we forget.

photo courtesy: Jenny Eurell

Mapleton Men’s Shed Reaches 10

Sun 29th Oct: The initial public meeting to gauge interest in the formation of a Men’s Shed in Mapleton was held on 24 October 2013.  The Men’s Shed celebrated this 10th anniversary milestone with a delicious lunch cheffed by Carl Penna. 

Of the original 17 men to express interest, 6 remain members while the others have moved out of the district or have sadly passed.  The membership of the Mapleton Men’s Shed is currently around 80 men.  Each of the foundation members received a Shed T shirt; a gesture greatly appreciated.

During the lunch celebrations yarns were told about the establishment of the Shed at its current site at the Mapleton Forest Office. Mention was made of the support that MADCA gave to the establishment of the Shed through a $671.00 donation and auspicing the Shed until it became an Incorporated Association in its own right, The obtaining of a lease to use the derelict facility commenced almost from the date of the inaugural meeting until 26 June 2015.

The story of how this lease was obtained is complex and involved complex negotiations between various State Government entities and the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. The work that the members of the Shed have undertaken since to restore all of the buildings on the site has resulted in a top facility that is worth in excess of half a million dollars. The project has turned a dilapidated, termite infested set of buildings into a valuable community asset.

The primary purpose of the Shed is not to engage in woodwork or metalwork, but to use activities such as these to develop friendships and support each other.  

The Shed is open for activities each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings between 0830 and 1200.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday a drop-in centre is open at the Barracks building when men can drop in and have a chat over coffee.

Mapleton Light the Lights

Mapleton and District Community Association annual ‘Light the Lights’ will be held in conjunction with the Mapleton Country Markets Twilight Market at the Mapleton Lilyponds Park on Friday 1st Dec. In the event of inclement weather, the event will move to the Mapleton State School.
A host of helpers will be at work at cooking and dispensing some delicious food and beverages and the Lions Christmas cakes and puddings will be on sale. We expect Santa to drop in and there will be entertainment provided, including the Mapleton-based Sunshine Chimes.

Last year’s event was well attended, despite the rain, and everyone had lots of fun. The event is supported by MADCA and the Sunshine Coast Council.

MADCA relies on funds raised at the Light the Lights event, as well as Grants from various sources to carry out their efforts to improve community satisfaction here in Mapleton. Thank you to the businesses and individuals whose generous support enables them to host this annual community event.

If you want to find out more about the MADCA and how it helps our community, please visit the MADCA page on the Mapleton Community website at alternatively contact

Sunshine Coast Council Quarry EOI package

Thu 21st Sep: The council has released its Expressions of Interest (EOI) packages for the quarries in a surruptitious midnight release giving the community just one business hour’s notice of the release. The Hinterland Quarry Action Group had expressed concerns that increased quarrying operations would result in greater noise, traffic, dust, and blasting impacts on the local residents living near the quarries and along the truck routes.

The EOI documents also expressed the opportunity for a private operator to reopen the old asphalt plant at Image Flat, which was forced to close through community action in 2020 due to non-compliant toxic air emissions. The council had yet to provide factual responses to any issues raised in the community submission. The Hinterland Quarry Action Group had sent a letter of concern to the council and requested a satisfactory reply to issues raised in the submission within a specified timeframe.

In response, the council stated that the quarries had been in operation for more than 50 years and that a review of the council’s quarry business and operating sites was undertaken in 2022 to improve the performance of both quarries. The council voted to pursue an E01 process to explore options for a suitably qualified commercial operator to operate the quarries. The council clarified that the release of the EOI did not mean a decision had been made about the future direction of the quarries and that a decision would not be made until it had an opportunity to properly review and consider the responses from the E01 process. The council disagreed with the claim that it had hurriedly released the EOI without the consideration of the community’s concerns.

TMR Speed Reduction Works

Thu 7th Sep: Speed limit reduction works – Flaxton Drive and
Nambour–Mapleton Road, Mapleton

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has advised about upcoming works to reduce the speed limit on Montville–Mapleton Road and Nambour–Mapleton Road through the Mapleton township.
An approximately 860-metre stretch of road will have the speed limit reduced from 60 km/h to 50 km/h. On Montville–Mapleton Road (locally known as Flaxton Drive), travelling towards Mapleton, the 50 km/h speed zone will start just north of the intersection with Wilga
Court (approximately 450 metres prior to the intersection with Obi Obi Road). On Nambour–Mapleton Road, travelling towards Mapleton, the new 50 km/h zone will start approximately 410 metres prior to the intersection with Obi Obi Road.

These changes are being made to improve motorist and pedestrian safety in response to concerns raised with TMR.

Works are programmed for 11 September 2023, between 6.30 am and 5 pm and will be completed within a day, weather and construction conditions permitting. Traffic controllers, reduced speed limits, shoulder closures and signage will be in place to safeguard road users, roadworkers and adjacent residents. TMR’s contractor will endeavour to minimise these impacts as much as possible. Priority access and entry through the work zone will be given to emergency vehicles.

Nambour Revitalisation Plan

Sat 2nd August: The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has unveiled a comprehensive vision for the Nambour Central Business District (CBD) as part of the Nambour Place Plan, a strategic initiative aimed at breathing new life into the heart of this historic region. The plan seeks to shape the future of Nambour, bolster its reputation as a thriving creative hub, and cultivate a welcoming ambiance.

The draft concept plan envisions a vibrant transformation of five key streets within Nambour’s town centre, creating a greener, more pedestrian-friendly urban landscape. Central to this are wider pavements and open spaces that should enhance the overall pedestrian experience.

A pivotal aspect of the design is the introduction of cooler, greener streets, encouraging residents, and visitors to indulge in outdoor dining and socialising. The intention is clear: to foster a dynamic main street that instills a sense of comfort, safety, and connectedness as people traverse the town.

The project draws its inspiration and direction from extensive community engagement, with the council extending an invitation to residents to examine the concept plan and provide feedback through an online survey before September 22.

This initiative forms an integral part of the Nambour Centre Activation Project, an ambitious decade-long endeavour aimed at rejuvenating Nambour.

Councillor David Law, representing Division 10, lauds this approach, which ensures that the public spaces within the town align with the values and needs of the community. He has expressed his gratitude to residents for their invaluable input via the Nambour Community Safety Survey, conducted late last year. The survey yielded nine key findings and six compelling recommendations, which are now up for consideration by both the Regional Council and the Nambour community.

Notable recommendations include the formation of a multi-agency partnership, the implementation of visible uniformed patrols on foot and bike, and the activation of public spaces. The comprehensive final report, inclusive of all findings and additional recommendations, is accessible on the Council’s “Have Your Say” website.

The Sunshine Coast Council recognises Nambour’s pivotal role as one of the region’s key service centres, and this concerted effort to revitalise the town promises to establish a lasting sense of place for the future, benefiting not only Nambour but also the hinterland communities it serves.

Vietnam Veteran’s Day

Fri 18th August: The Mapleton RSL Sub-branch conducted a memorial service on Friday, August 18th in the Mapleton Memorial Park, in observance of Vietnam Veterans Day. This ceremony marked a significant milestone, as it has been half a century since the conclusion of the Australian Defence Forces’ involvement in the Vietnam War. The Blackall Range region now serves as the home to numerous Vietnam Veterans, and the memories of this historic conflict continue to hold great importance for them and their families.

The memorial service was led by Mr. Lloyd Anderson, and the keynote address was delivered by Mr. Colin Brewer, both of whom served two tours of duty in South Vietnam. Throughout the ceremony, Mr. Joe Delany was honored with the presentation of his 50th Commemoration Medallion and Certificate of Appreciation. These accolades, conferred by the Department of Veterans Affairs, pay homage to Vietnam Veterans and recognise their service to our nation.

The service was attended by a select gathering of family and friends, all of whom came together to pay their respects and acknowledge the sacrifices made by Vietnam Veterans. The Mapleton Choir added a poignant touch to the proceedings with renditions of bothe the New Zealand and Australian National Anthems.

After the memorial service, veterans and their families journeyed to the Maleny RSL, where they gathered for a communal lunch, offering a chance for camaraderie and reflection amongst fellow veterans.

This solemn Vietnam Veterans Day service in Mapleton stands as a dignified tribute to the enduring significance of the Vietnam War for the veterans and families of the Blackall Range region. It is a testament to the resilience and unwavering commitment of those who served in the conflict and a reminder of the debt of gratitude owed to them by our community.

Mapleton Country Market

Wed 9th August: Mapleton Country Market Unveils Vibrant New Banner During Meeting with Local MP

Members of the Mapleton and District Community Association (MADCA) had a fruitful encounter with their local Member of Parliament, Rob Skelton, on August 9th. Gathered at the picturesque Mapleton State School, the group proudly revealed a stunning new banner that is set to become a local landmark.

The eye-catching banner now graces the school’s fence. Its vibrant colors are sure to capture the attention of all passersby, promising to boost visitor numbers at the Mapleton Country Market.

Rob Skelton, standing alongside Donna Klease and Paula Wright, the market convenors, and Ian Stannard from MADCA, held the banner high. MADCA representatives expressed their thanks to Rob for his donation of this eye-catching addition.

The popular market is held on the fourth Saturday of each month in the school’s front parking area. This central location is proving to be popular to both stallholders and customers, fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere that brings the community together.

Visitors to the Mapleton Country Market are treated to a diverse array of offerings, including delicious food, organic sourdough, bunya nut pesto, fresh produce, seedling vegetables, flowers, homemade jams and chutneys, honey, handcrafted toys, leather goods, clothing, and art – all created with love. The waffles stall proudly offers gluten-free options, both sweet and savory. Also now at the market is the Falls Farm team, renowned for their award-winning vegetables and fruit.

Notably, at the Waffles stall, locals can find information about MADCA’s Parking Survey and even complete the survey on the spot using the QR code provided on the form.

As you stroll through the market, you can enjoy live music while sipping on expertly brewed barista coffee. The local Blackall Range Lions Club adds to the culinary delights with their bacon and egg rolls, sausage sizzle, and the latest addition – succulent satay chicken kebabs.

The Mapleton Country Market is part of the Hinterland Market Trail, a collaborative effort involving five other country markets on the Sunshine Coast. These include the Beerburrum Hall Country Markets, Beerwah, Tower Green Market, Maleny Sunday Markets, Montville Market, Mooloola Four Seasons Market, Crystal Waters and Kenilworth Country Markets. This unique partnership means that every weekend of the month, whether on a Saturday or Sunday, market enthusiasts can find a local market where they can purchase items directly from the hands that crafted or grew them, thus directly supporting the local artisans and producers.

Join us at the Mapleton Country Market and be a part of this vibrant community event.

Parking in Mapleton

Tue 1st August: Public parking in the centre of Mapleton has been identified as an issue in the community. There are concerns that the lack of sufficient parking in the village centre is negatively impacting local businesses and their customers. To address this issue, a parking survey is being conducted by the MADCA (Mapleton and District Community Association) throughout August to gather the experiences and opinions of the community. The information collected will assist the MADCA in developing strategies to address the parking challenges in the area.

Parking is often underestimated and not well understood, but it is one of the largest single land uses in municipalities’ “footprints” and deserves more attention than it typically gets, due to its influence on the character, form, function, and flow of our community. The survey should ultimately bring several benefits to the community.

The parking survey aims to address the following objectives:

  • Assess the current parking situation in the village centre.
  • Can help to identify areas of concern and challenges related to parking.
  • Gather opinions on what aspects of parking are most important to the community
  • Use the collected information to inform potential strategies and initiatives to improve parking in the village centre.

By conducting a parking survey, the MADCA hopes to gain insights into how parking spaces are being utilised. This data can help the identify areas where parking demand exceeds capacity or where parking spaces are underutilised. Understanding parking patterns can also contribute to improving pedestrian safety and accessibility. By identifying areas with high parking demand or inadequate parking, they can take measures can be taken to address safety and accessibility concerns.

The data collected from the survey can inform future development plans. It can help identify areas where additional parking infrastructure may be needed to accommodate growth and ensure convenient access to Mapleton’s local businesses and amenities. Adequate parking is essential for attracting businesses and visitors to the community.

The survey will also provide an opportunity to engage the community in the decision-making process. By involving residents and businesses in the survey, the community association can gather valuable input and ensure that the parking solutions align with the needs and preferences of the community.

Click or Tap to access the survey.

Community Kindergarten

Wed 6th July: The community Kindy has been fundraising to increase its kindy capacity and create more enrolments for our local children. One option to increase its capacity meant it needed to add an additional children’s toilet with expected major capital costs of up to $35k, including the relocation of the staff toilet.

Exciting News: The community kindy has announced that it has received approval to increase its cohort numbers from 20 to 27. Thanks to the support from the Range Lions Club, Councillor David Law, and the Regional QLD Education Department, the kindy was able to make this happen for less than $1500. By working closely with the Education Department and engaging a certifier and designer, the kindy was able to apply the new building code and increase its capacity without incurring major capital costs.

This exciting news means that the kindy has already accepted two extra enrolments for Term 3 and will now be able to accept up to 27 enrolments in 2024.

By increasing the cohort numbers, more children in the community will have the opportunity to attend the kindergarten and receive a quality education. This ensures that more children have a strong foundation for their future academic and personal growth.

With more children attending the kindergarten, there will be increased opportunities for families to connect and engage with one another, which in turn fosters a sense of community and strengthens the bonds among residents.

The MADCA would like to express its gratitude to everyone who has supported our beautiful local kindergarten on so many fronts. To help continue the fundraising efforts, the association encourages everyone to consider purchasing tickets for the giant raffle. The goal is to raise $2000 in 4 weeks, which will fund 7 new kindy beds and an outdoor fridge. Thank you again for the support!

Liquid Waste Collection Scheme Ends

Wed 15th June: Brace for Rising Prices and Take Control

Attention Sunshine Coast residents! Brace yourselves as the Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s liquid waste holding tank collection service has come to an end (9th July 2023). This change means that approximately 650 properties will now be responsible for their own arrangements, marking a significant shift in the community’s waste management landscape.

With the cessation of the council’s pump-out service, it’s crucial for impacted residents to take immediate action. Make sure you have a replacement arrangement organized with an approved provider by July 9, 2023. Some reliable providers to consider are Remondis, B&Y Waste Services, SAF Septic Cleaning, Suncoast Liquid Waste Removal, and Suttons Cleaning Services. Notify the council of your chosen supplier via email at, ensuring you receive acknowledgement for a seamless transition.

Unfortunately, this change comes with an unpleasant side effect: rising prices. Factors such as increased operational costs, including fuel prices, waste disposal expenses, and wage increases, have led companies to adjust their prices. Additionally, a potential loss of business and reduced customer base could further drive up costs. To minimize the impact, it’s advisable to shop around, compare prices, and choose a service provider that offers the best value for your money.

Water conservation efforts can also help reduce expenses. Adopting practices like installing water-saving devices, taking showers instead of baths, and using full loads for laundry and dishwashing can significantly decrease the volume of liquid waste generated, thus extending the intervals between pump-outs.

While the end of the council’s scheme may present challenges, it also opens doors for potential benefits such as arranging less frequent , tailored and/or ad hoc services. One resident has even contacted us to say that they had made savings as a result of the change over. However, if you have concerns, it’s essential to voice these and to register any complaints with your local councillor and the council itself to encourage comprehensive and community-oriented solutions.

For further information and guidance, reach out to Tony Brett, the Pump Out sub-committee lead for the MADCA, or see the MADCA News page at

Speed Limits

Wed 15th June: When it comes to ensuring safe speed limits in the area, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) follows a comprehensive process that adheres to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the Queensland Road Safety Technical User Volume – Guide to Speed Management. These guidelines are designed to establish consistent and appropriate speed zones and signage throughout the state.

The guidelines consider several crucial considerations when determining speed limits for specific road sections. These considerations include the road function and environment, such as whether it falls under the category of a highway, urban area, or rural road. Traffic volumes and prevailing speeds are carefully assessed, along with the speed environment, which includes elements of the road and traffic surroundings that influence the perceived appropriate travel speed. Roadside development, pedestrian and cyclist activities, road characteristics (such as alignment, lane width, junctions, intersections, and adjoining road sections), and crash history are also factored into the decision-making process. Completed speed limit reviews undergo scrutiny by the local Speed Management Committee, which includes representatives from the Queensland Police Service (QPS), Local Government, and TMR.

The TMR recently conducted two speed limit reviews on separate sections of the Nambour Mapleton Road, prompted by public concerns. Although TMR did not receive a petition specifically requesting these reviews, they undertook the assessments and have installed new speed signage in accordance with the MUTCD and QRSTUV guidelines.

For additional information on the process.

For further information on this issue.

Mapleton Markets

The Mapleton Community Hall is controlled by a Private Trust, and was set up for “the benefit of the community”. The current Trustee has decided that the Trust will not continue to operate the monthly Market and it has been suspended until further notice.

27th May UPDATE: Saturday was perfect market weather and the temporary market site was shining and positively brimming with happy people eager to meet, treat and eat.

The market organisers were overwhelmed with the stream of volunteers who helped to set up, and later to strike the site, in record time. Great feedback was received, including warm responses many first time visitors and new volunteers jumping in to be part of the happy market atmosphere.

Among the comments was general appreciation that the market was compact, adding to the ‘community connected’ feel. The Mapleton and District Community Association (MADCA) has worked tirelessly with the market organisers, community members, the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Councillor David Law to ensure the continuation of this event.

Thank you to all those who visited our loyal stallholders and organisers on Saturday 27th May at the temporary market location at the Mapleton State School, 24 Flaxton Drive.

3rd May “We want our markets!” At the May MADCA general meeting, there was a massive out-pouring of support for the Mapleton Country market. Market organisers, Donna and Paula, were celebrated by the meeting attendees for the immense financial and social benefit they bring to the hall and to the community.

Messages of support and requests for help dominated Facebook chats and emails as the community, turn to the Mapleton and District Community Association (MADCA) for help after the shock cancellation of the communities signature Mapleton Country Markets.

Approximately 100 concerned community members filled the chairs and lined the walls, wanting to discuss the process around the appointment of trustees and management of the Mapleton Hall and Sportsground. Motions asking MADCA to act on behalf of the community to protect the original objects of the trust, were passed unanimously.

Sydney International Piano Competition

Ian Lucas, a 65-year-old amateur pianist from Montville, has been selected to open the prestigious Sydney International Piano Competition in July. This is a great honour for Ian, who has twice won the amateur Sydney Piano Lovers’ Competition. He was named joint winner at the inaugural Australians-only event in late 2020, but due to the pandemic, he was unable to perform live in Sydney. His second win last year was even more significant as the event had been widened for the first time to also allow entries from pianists from New Zealand.

Ian’s success as an amateur pianist in recent years follows his return to playing after more than three decades away from the keys, working as an airline pilot. It was around 32 years later, having retired from flying and with encouragement from his wife Lee, that he again sat down to play. He has since won the Sydney Piano Lovers’ Competition twice, and his passion for music has led him to perform at one of the world’s most prestigious piano competitions.

Range Kindy

17th May: The Range Community Kindergarten is a community-owned and run kindergarten located in Mapleton. Having started in 1986 at the Mapleton Hall and later relocating to its present location on Flaxton Drive in 1991, the Range Kindy has been faithfully serving the Blackall Range community for almost four decades. Its primary objective is to provide a high-quality early years education program for kindy and pre-kindy children.

The kindergarten’s mission revolves around creating a secure, stimulating, and positive environment for both children and staff. The focus is on nurturing the children, enabling them to become successful learners, compassionate individuals, and contributors to society. The Kindy deeply values and recognizes the essential role played by families and the community in a child’s development, incorporating this aspect into its practices whenever possible.

Currently, the focus of their fundraising efforts is to add an additional children’s toilet facility, recognizing its importance in meeting the growing needs of the expanding kindergarten. By improving their infrastructure, they aim to create a more inclusive and comfortable learning environment for their cherished students.

To support the fundraising endeavors and contribute to the enhancement of the kindergarten, individuals are warmly encouraged to visit their GoFundMe page. The page offers comprehensive information about the project and provides an opportunity to make donations. Attached to this communication is the GoFundMe flyer, which offers further insights into the ongoing campaign.

GoFundMe flyer

Due to recent changes in state funding, the kindergarten is currently operating at its maximum capacity with a single cohort of 20 children. However, there is a vision to expand its capacity and reinstate a second cohort. This expansion will allow the Kindy to accommodate a greater number of children and continue its dedication to delivering exceptional early education within the community.

Prospective individuals interested in contacting the Kindy are encouraged to reach out through various communication channels. The team eagerly awaits the opportunity to connect with new families and individuals interested in their programs.

Contact Information:

The Range Community Kindergarten looks forward to receiving inquiries and warmly welcoming new members into its vibrant community.

Changes to Liquid Waste Collection Service

Sunshine Coast Regional Council (SCRC) organised pump out service ends on the 9th July 2023, so time is running out to organise your own arrangements with a provider.

Historically, the Sunshine Coast Regional Council has coordinated a liquid waste holding tank collection service on behalf of the community. Following a review in 2022, the Sunshine Coast Regional Council decided that as of 9th July 2023, it would no longer provide this service to our community. From 9th July 2023, residents will be responsible for their own arrangements. The change in provision is believed to affect around 650 properties.

The MADCA has been advocating for a better deal for our community with the pumping out of liquid waste for more than 10 years.

Click here for for more information.

Click here to download a Q&A document about what to do.

Click here for the Sunshine Coast Regional Council Liquid Waste Collection Service page.

Mapleton History Group

Thu 27th Apr. The Mapleton History Group, led by Tony Milroy and supported by Talking Country – Building Bridges, held another very interesting meeting last week. A gathering of 26 people came together at the Mapleton Library and Community Centre keen to engage with the history of this region and to learn and understand. At each meeting the history group has held, the question, “Why weren’t we told” has been raised.

Readings formed the starting point for discussion with transcripts of interviews through different lenses: the impression of escaped convicts who lived among aboriginal people and interviews with Gaiarbau also known as Willie Mackenzie.

Understanding the past and the true history is important as we prepare for the referendum on changing the Constitution and embrace the call for Voice, Treaty, Truth. Truth-telling can take place on many levels. The opportunity to openly discuss our history amongst our community is an example of truth telling at a community level.

For more information contact:

Dulong and Image Flat Quarries

The Sunshine Coast Council plans to lease its quarry business to a commercial operator from mid-2023.

In 2022, Sunshine Coast Regional Council initiated a strategic review of the operation of the two quarries to help decide its future operating model and budget deliberations. Councillors, decided the fate of the council-owned Image Flat and Dulong quarry business and operating sites at the last ordinary council meeting on December 8th 2022, resolving to lease the quarry sites to a commercial operator by June 30.

Material extracted from the Dulong Quarry, Sherwell Road is basalt rock, which is used for production of asphalt and bitumen aggregates for road surfacing. The Image Flat quarry, Image Flat Road is a source of rhyolite.

Key elements for potential operators of the quarries include:

  • Industry expertise in the operation of the quarries.
  • sustainable development of the sites in accordance with land use development and environmental requirements.
  • Support research and developmen of local supply of recycled materials as a subsitute for sand and road aggregates.
  • Maintaining the land in council ownership.

Council Information Sessions

The Sunshine Coast council held three public drop-in information sessions on the 19th April in Nambour. The Presentation from that event is shown below.

Council Presentation from April 19th.

 Visit the Council’s Quarry Information page.

Visit the MADCA news page for more information.

Mapleton Anzac Day Parade

On Tuesday 25th April, the annual Mapleton ANZAC Day commemoration took place at the RSL Memorial Park in Mapleton.  The commemoration attracted a large crowd.

The ANZACs were a combined force of Australian and New Zealand troops who served together during World War I. They were formed in Egypt in 1915 and their first campaign was the Gallipoli campaign. After Gallipoli, the ANZACs were reorganised and served in many major battles.

ANZAC day has been marked since 1916 and marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I.

The Mapleton War Memorial, located in the Mapleton RSL Memorial Park, commemorates the soldiers from our area who served in both World Wars, including those who died in service.

The ANZAC Day service held annually in Mapleton, includes a march and wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial. The service is an opportunity for the community to come together and remember the sacrifices made by the ANZACs during World War I and other conflicts.

Blackall Range Lions Calendar 2024

Calling All Local Photographers! The Blackall Range Lions invite community members to send in photographs for consideration for inclusion in their 2024 Blackall Range Calendar.

They would love to receive photos that showcase the Blackall Range: scenes of or from the Montville, Flaxton, Dulong, Kureelpa, Hunchy and Mapleton areas showing off our wildlife, landscapes, community events and/or buildings of significance.

Photographs should be in A4 landscape format and at least 2mb in size.

Profits from our Calendar sales allows us to support those in need in our communities.

Enquiries and photos may be sent to the Blackall range Lions at

Click or Tap here for more information about Blackall Range Lions

Blackall Range Lions Programmes

Recycle for Sight

Blackall Range Lions Recycle for Sight Australia is part of the Lions Clubs International Worldwide Eyeglass Recycling Program, headquartered in Queensland and operating throughout Australia and overseas.

Please support this great programme, “Recycle for Sight”, for the collection and distribution of used spectacles and sun glasses to countries where access to specialist eye care is not affordable.  In recent times more than 400 hundred pairs have been received through the collection points in Mapleton and Montville.

Click or Tap for more information about Lions Club Recycle for Sight Australia.

Domestic Violence Safe Phones

Domestic Violence Safe Phones is a registered charity which collects used mobile phones which are repurposed and gifted to victims of Domestic Violence through avenues of registered charities, safe houses and government agencies.   web address   : 

The Blackall Range Lions collect donations of  used mobile phones and ensure they are delivered for processing. There are collection boxes in the Medical Centres at Montville and Mapleton, Mapleton Community Centre, Mapleton Bowls Club and the Mapleton Mens Shed. Please donate to ensure no call for help goes unheard!

The Domestic Violence Safe Phones web page gives simple instructions on how to prepare your old phone by signing out of areas before donation.  Domestic Violence Safe Phones will also ensure that the records in your phone are fully cleared. (Iphone users: Please note that defore donating your Iphone you must sign out of ICloud or the phone can not be used.)

Click or Tap here for the Domestic Violence Safe Phones webpage.

Click or Tap here for more information about Blackall Range Lions

Neighbourhood Watch Month – Safety in Numbers

Neighbourhood Watch month is an annual campaign by the Neighbourhood Watch of Australia to raise community awarenes of Nighbourhood Watch in their area, the benefits of being a member and ways to improve the security of home and property. The ‘Safety in Numbers’ theme is intended to encourage proactive working with and between different Neighbourhood Watch groups.

The campaign is also aiming to communicate the concept of ‘Target Hardening’.

Target Hardening is a process wherein a building or place is made into a more difficult or less attractive target through practical applications such as effective fencing, secure locks, installation of security lights and /or CCTV cameras, and the active lessening of opportunity for unlawful entry to premises, such as the installation of security screening on windows and doors, and the removal or storage of items that could be used to assist with access, such as wheelie bins.” …from the Neighbourhood Watch Austalia website

Click or Tap here for more information about Neighbourhood Watch Australia

Click or Tap here for more information about our local Neighbourhood Watch

Click or Tap here for the Kureelpa and Dulong Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page

Click or Tap here for our ‘Community & Safety’ page.

Mapleton author offers approaches to global challenge

Tue 31st Jan. A Mapleton-based climate scientist has published a textbook on climate change offering local and practical approaches to the global challenge. Steve Turton, a CQUniversity Adjunct Professor in Environmental Geography has authored “Surviving the Climate Crisis: Australian Perspectives and Solutions”. It is the first textbook to offer local and practical approaches to the global challenge.

Prof Turton says he aimed to fill knowledge gaps for Australians, with information relevant to Australian conditions. “Australia has been identified as a climate change hotspot – we are already seeing the impacts of changing climate in worsening weather disasters, and all our major industries are considered vulnerable or highly vulnerable to adverse climate impacts,” he said.

The now-retired scientist, who has spent the past 40 years researching across Australia, says survival relies on planned adaptation alongside carbon emissions mitigation. “Our state, territory and federal governments have committed to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, but even if net-zero global emissions are achieved by 2050, our country will still be locked into more climate change, and extreme weather events, over the coming decades.

“The shift to renewable energy sources must also ensure climate resilient energy sources, so we can have reliable power in the face of increasingly severe weather events. “That should be a national adaptation priority – but local adaptation is also possible, for instance improving micro-climates in urban developments, by planting trees for shading and breeze corridors, to lessen the climate impacts. “Other adaptation priorities will need to focus on coastal urban areas at risk of sea-level rise, increasing risk for riverine and coastal flooding, heat stress to human communities, bushfire risk and water scarcity during droughts.”

Prof Turton says his book is aimed at advanced students who might not have a science background, to ensure climate challenges can be widely understood, and to prompt creative, innovative thinking about survival solutions.

Surviving the Climate Crisis: Australian Perspectives and Solutions is published by Routledge and is available now.

Footpath Repair – Mapleton

Mon 30th January. The footpath section in front of the shops at Obi Obi Road, Mapleton will be upgraded to include new garden beds, pavement resurfacing, and refurbishment of street furniture. The work is expected to commence in May/June, and take approximately 3-weeks.

Access to amenities will be maintained during the works. However, temporary pedestrian and traffic management measures will be in place to ensure public safety.

Thank you to Councillor Law for sharing the Project News with us.

Click here for more details.

New Sunshine Coast City Hall

Sunshine Coast City Hall

Sat 10th Dec. The Sunshine Coast’s new City Hall was officially opened on Saturday 10 December. The President of the Mapleton and District Community Association (MADCA), Max Standage, attended the official opening at the invitation of Division 10 Councillor David Law.

The City Hall is located in the new Maroochydore City Centre and is a signature building for the Sunshine Coast’s new CBD. The design of the 10 storey, 5 green star building was inspired by the Glass House Mountains and features a stepped roof, curved facade and extensive plantings both indoors and on the building’s exterior.

The opening commenced with a welcome to country by
traditional custodians from the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara
peoples and the assembled company was treated to
performances by local indigenous dance groups. The
mayor, Mark Jamieson, accompanied by traditional
custodians officially opened the City Hall, and welcomed
all present to tour the building.

The building features community facing services on the ground floor, a Council Chambers on level 1, contemporary shared work spaces for Council staff, and offices for Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors on higher levels. Following it’s completion, a top floor for the people, for events, workshops, and citizenship ceremonies will be available for community and business events from mid-2023.

Click here for more information about Sunshine Coast City Hall

Festivities at the Mapleton Bowls Club. Photos courtesy of L.Schmidt, A.Friday, I. Stannard

Mapleton Bowls Club End of Year Festivities

It appears that the past week has been a rather busy Christmas week as the Mapleton Bowls Club ‘winds down’ for the year.

Fri 9th Dec. On Friday, Mapleton party people donned their festive finery and gathered for Christmas Dinner at the Bowls Club. Generously donated raffle prizes, including six hams and a sweet gingerbread cottage, had twenty lucky ticket buyers taking home a treat. Cheerful volunteers staffed the bar, kitchen, and raffle whilst other helpers kept guests fed and entertained.

Thanks to Ian Stannard for his playing of some unusual and beautiful seasonal background music as well as accompanying the ‘Mapletones’ Christmas Choir. The Mapletones sang with gusto and enthusiasm, right through to their encore. A happy and chatty party, community members enjoyed catching up and sharing Christmas stories and plans.

Sat 10th Dec. Then Saturday saw 48 members take part in the years last day of play known as ‘Plum Pudding’ day. Prizes were drawn from a hat so even those on ‘losing teams’ received a Christmas pudding. Players enjoyed pizza after the game.

Sun 11th Dec. As if that was not enough, following the Men’s Section annual ‘End of Season Beer and Prawns’ fest on the Sunday, where copious volumes of prawns were consumed, the weekly Sunday Sessions hosted a Hawaiian theme Xmas party with entertainment by local band Shaky Razor. Guests partied to the classics and sung along to ‘House of the Rising Sun’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’ among others. Well done Scotty for a great Sunday Session.

Thanks go to everyone who worked so hard to make these events a success and end the Bowls Clubs year on a very happy and festive note.

Click here for more information about the Mapleton Bowls Club

Click here for information about Sunday Sessions.

Sculptures by: Alan Stupples, Len Wilkinson, Catherine Anderson and Lucy McEachern.

Sculpture on the Edge

Sun 4th Dec. Sculpture on the Edge is the annual sculpture competition coordinated by Arts Connect Inc and held in the scenic Sunshine Coast Hinterland. In 2022, the competition was hosted at Flaxton Gardens, an events venue with breathtaking, panoramic views of the coastline from Noosa to Caloundra. The competition featured eclectic, original indoor and outdoor sculptures across a variety of media and the winning artist received the $10,000 first prize, generously donated by Flaxton Gardens. The overall winner was Chris McKenzie with his piece. Rusty Red Echidna.

Sculpture on the Edge officially opened with a celebratory event on the evening of Saturday 19 November and closed on the afternoon of 4th December. The free exhibition was open to the public from 9am to 3pm daily and the venue remained open for dining and refreshments.

Now in its 12th year, Sculpture on the Edge continues to grow. It featured a record number of artworks this year for all ages to appreciate. Thanks to generous support from sponsors, donors and event partner, Flaxton Gardens, the event is an outstanding cultural experience for art lovers and visitors.

We cannot begin to show you everything we enjoyed at the exhibition so we recommend you visit the SOTE website, feast your eyes, and calendar next year’s event today. Watch our page for the call for volunteers in 2023 and enjoy a real feast for the senses. Arts Connect Inc is a volunteer run, membership based, not-for-profit group and the generous support of the Sunshine Coast Council, Sponsors and donors help make possible events such as this. Tax deductible donations can be made through Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation.

Click for more information.

Photos courtesy of C.Wade, W. Turton.

Light the Lights

Fri 2nd Dec. The annual MADCA ‘Light the Lights’ was held successfully this year at the Mapleton State School. A host of volunteers prepared and dispensed delicious food and beverages. The Lions Christmas cakes and puddings sold so fast you’d think it was nearly Christmas! Thank you to Range Community Gym for doing the food. Santa’s arrival generated great excitement, and the children were delighted with their gifts from Santa. 

Miss Donna’s Magic Christmas Show was very entertaining and enchanted the children. During the show, the reactions of the children delighted and held the attention of the adults as well. In addition to Miss Donna, there was a festive fancy dress competition, face painting, raffle, carols, BBQ, and music. Visitors enjoyed viewing the fabulous mural on the wall behind the entertainment area.

The MADCA relies on funds raised at Light the Lights, as well as Grants from various sources to carry out their efforts to improve community satisfaction here in Mapleton. Thank you to everyone who came along and especially to the businesses and individuals whose generous support enabled the MADCA to host this community event.

Members of the Mapleton RSL Sub Branch after the Remembrance Day service.

Remembrance Day

Fri 11th Nov. At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month – we will remember them. This day commemorates the signing of the Armistice between the Allied and Central Powers, effectively ending all military operations and hostilities in all theatres and fronts of World War I at Compiègne, France 1918. The formal peace agreement was reached with the signing of the Treaty of Verailles in 1919. Armistice is derived from the Latin sistere, meaning “to come to a stand or stop”, when combined with arma, meaning “weapons.” An armistice, therefore, is literally a cessation of arms.

The annual Remembrance Day service took place at the Memorial Park, Mapleton, conducted by the Mapleton RSL Sub-branch. Click here to learn more about Armistice Day.

EtHOS Project

Heatwaves have caused more deaths in Australia in the past 200 years than any other natural hazard.  Since 1950, every decade has been warmer than the decade before. Both day and night-time temperatures have increased. Climate change is leading to more extreme and frequent heat episodes leaving our older people more vulnerable in the community. Without taking the right steps to protect ourselves and keep our homes cool, extreme heat can lead to heat-related illnesses such as cramps, exhaustion, and heat stroke and exacerbate other health conditions and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, kidney, and heart disease particularly in the over 65yrs.

Researchers at Griffith University are partnering with older members (over 75 years) of the community to develop an early warning heat system in the home to ensure they and others can continue to live at home safely and comfortably. The EtHOs project’s in-home solution will allow older people and carers to monitor heat exposure, identify risk in the home and respond to heat-associated risks.

The EtHOS team are running a paper-based survey to be returned by November 15th about how heat impacts older peoples lives and how they cope on hot days.

Click here to be part of the solution to this increased vulnerability, find out more about the project and participate in the survey.

Movember Month

Tue 1st Nov. Movember fundraisers are a global community of fired up ‘Mo Bros’ and ‘Mo Sisters’ – aka rock stars making a difference in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

The Mapleton and District Brothers (MAD Brothers), have a fine tradition of supporting men’s health and wellbeing with a variety of inclusive fundraising activities. These have included dinners, raffles, darts competitions and outdoor games afternoons. Last year the MADD Sistas joined in the fun to support these activities. Watch for the proud wearers of MAD Brothers and MADD Sistas T-shirts sporting the moustache masks they initiated to support temporary moustache bearers. To promote your event on here send your activity to Click here for more information about the Movember Foundation.

The Mens Shed

Most people in Mapleton will be familiar with the buildings which make up the Men’s Shed.

The concept of a Men’s Shed in Mapleton was first proposed in 2013. In June 2015 after discussions with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Mapleton Men’s Shed was granted a lease and was given permission to begin renovations of the old Forestry Commission buildings. After two and half years of hard work by a small group of dedicated and rugged individuals the Shed was officially opened on the 30th of November 2017.

The Men’s Shed are proud to share that this year represents 5 years of (almost continuous) operation, supporting the physical and mental health of our male members and the local community.

The wood and metal workshops are open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings, although less strenuous socializing is also very popular. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays the drop-in centre in the old barracks is open for a casual chat.

Now as always, all men are welcome. Click here for more information about the Men’s Shed.

Article supplied by Jeff Euston

Kureelpa, Dulong & Mapleton Neighbourhood Watch and Beyond Blue

The Kureelpa, Dulong & Mapleton Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter has been running a series about mental health. Community speaker, Richard West, will address the next Neighbourhood Watch Meeting on Tuesday 8 November at 7pm at the Kureelpa and Dulong Community Hall (Jewetts Road, Kureelpa). Everyone is most welcome to attend.

Richard West has had an extensive career in finance based in several countries including the UK, Italy, Greece, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. As a (very) mature student, he completed a journalism degree in 2013 and taught English in China for a year. In 2016, Richard embarked on a lifelong ambition to ride his motorcycle on a solo circumnavigation of Australia. He rode 16,000km in 46 days and during the journey successfully raised $6,000 for Beyond Blue. Richard followed this adventure with a master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of the Sunshine Coast and published his memoir in 2020.

Richard will share his journey of hope, recovery and resilience in the face of mental health conditions, talk about what Beyond Blue does and how the audience can seek help or support a friend or family member who may find themselves in a difficult position. Richard’s talk typically runs for 30-40 minutes.

Click here for more information about Kureelpa and Dulong neighbourhood watch.

MADCA General Meeting

Wed 2nd Nov. The MADCA monthly general meeting takes place on the 2nd November at the Mapleton Bowls Club. This month, Alex Hoffman will be talking about Energy Positive Architecture.

Alex Hoffmann is an architect with nearly 30 years’ experience.  In 2008, Alex and his family moved from the UK to Mapleton and Alex worked to Brisbane at major architecture practices including Hassell and Archipelago.   

With multidisciplinary skills, Alex has worked on a wide range of transport infrastructure, tourism, civic, community, urban design, and residential projects.  Involved with the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Design Books, judge for the Australian Institute of Architects Regional Awards, and presenter at Sunshine Coast Open House, Alex is well respected by his peers.  

In January 2021 Alex and Ali launched Habitance, Energy Positive Architects from their dining room table in Flaxton.  Two months later, they moved into the shop next to Bella Vista and are now a team of five including two designers who attended Mapleton State School, keeping local talent in the local community.  With a focus on sustainable, energy reducing and energy producing design, their clients include Sunshine Coast Council, South Burnett Regional Council, Stockland, several private developers, community projects and local residents.  They are proud finalists of the 2022 Sunshine Coast Business Awards, an amazing achievement after only 20 months in business.   

Talk: Energy Positive Architecture – Boost Health and Happiness in Hinterland Living

How can Energy Positive Architecture improve individual homes today, power new buildings, and empower us to be healthier and happier in the future? It’s obvious we can’t keep doing what we are doing to meet environmental goals and house our growing population.  By using clever design and natural resources Alex will offer some thought-provoking solutions to positively impact our needs including the hot topics of affordable housing, aging in place and community living.   

Some of the Chic & Sassy glamour from Melbourne Cup Day at the Bowls Club.

Melbourne Cup @ Mapleton Bowls Club

Tue 1st Nov. Gathering with friends is part of maintaining good health, so do it often! At the 2022 Melbourne Cup Lunch at the Bowls Club, patrons enjoyed a showcase of fashions from Chic&Sassy. Elegant, stylish and comfortable outfits for “ladies who lunch”, who enjoy being comfortable with off the shoulder or translucent sleeve options in bright or muted colours and prints. The happy smiles on the models faces were testimony to her careful curation and Belinda took home a much depleted rack of fashions.

As well as the usual sweepstakes, ably administered by a group of smartly attired bookies, the organisers had arranged entertainments such as “Guess the Number of Horses in the Jar”, and a quiz and very clever picture puzzle for table groups to work on together.

Thank you to everyone who fabulously augmented their outfits with items from our local home of fashion and “useful things”.

Lunch was another Providor Yvette triumph with a delicious selection of canapes (some on horseback of course!) and salads with cold meats all given a little magic with highlights such as citrus, coconut, and pineapple. A choice of desserts brought even more smiles.

Thank you to those who took the microphone to share information to include others in our community, we heard from the Mapleton and District Community Association (MADCA), Chimes, mahjong players, Sunshine Coast U3A, Lions and the Library. Congratulations to the organisers for coordinating such a winning social event. 

Day for Daniel

Fri 28th Oct. Held annually on the last Friday of October, Day for Daniel honours the memory of Daniel Morcombe. We ask all Australians on this very special day to Wear Red, Educate and Donate. The theme for 2022 is brave conversations.

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation provides personal child safety education to children and young people to prevent abuse and promote lifelong health and wellbeing. The Foundation supports educators, parents and carers through the provision of resources and education and also directly support young victims of crime.

In December 2003, Daniel was last seen waiting for a bus in Palmwoods. He was on his way to buy Christmas presents for his family when he went missing. Daniel’s parents Bruce and Denise started the Foundation as a way to give back to their community by educating other children how to stay safe. After years of investigations and a secret undercover police operation, the arrest of the predator was finally made and Daniel was found and brought home in 2011. The first Walk for Daniel drew around 90 supporters in 2005.

Click here for more information.

Festival of Small Halls

Sun 16th Oct. Mapleton Hall’s 2022 hosting of The Annual Woodfordia Spring Tour of The Festival of Small Halls was another sold-out success.

Thank you to Woodfordia and travelling musicians Catherine MacLellan and Karl S Williams, and Mapleton’s local support musicians John Roza and Tom Ryan of Shaky Razor, for a delightful and relaxing afternoon’s entertainment of folk, bluegrass and a little gospel style music. The Mapleton Hall event was close to the end of the tour and over the previous weeks the musicians had developed a camaraderie that gave extra shine to their music. 

This was a community event compered by Ian Mackay, with the Blackall Range Lions Club serving up gourmet burgers and sausages, the Mapleton School P&C selling delicious treats, and BRULPA (Blackall Range Land Use Planning Association) providing the bar.  

Thank you to all who assisted with setup, pack up, door checks and raffle-ticket selling, plus all the other tasks that are involved in making this sort of event happen. We look forward to next year’s Touring Festival of Small Halls again here at Mapleton’s hall. 

If you are interested in producing more events at Mapleton’s Hall and Sportsground, please contact us and we will pass on your details. 

Mapleton Dog Park

Tue 4th Oct: After many years of lobbying by community members, and with support from the MADCA, the Mapleton off-leash dog park officially opened on Tuesday 4th October 2022. The MADCA was pleased to have played a part in such a successful project.

Hank Wade, a tireless campaigner for the dog-park, and generous sharer of ‘dog-park’ updates, was the official ribbon-cutter. Whilst our current councillor David Law, saw the project’s completion. Former MADCA president, Burnie Collins, recalled walking the Mapleton area with then Counsellor Greg Rogerston, to identify potential sites for the dog-park. The MADCA hosted well-attended community information evenings in conjunction with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council who hosted a feed-back section in the “Have Your Say” section on their website.

Hank said on Facebook,…

“The  turning point in our push for progress was the MADCA Meet the Candidates Night… for the last Council election. So many of you from  our mailing lists showed up, I think it impressed all the  candidates with Mapleton’s desire for a Dog Park and they all left that meeting thinking “Right, Mapleton equals Dog Park”.  David Law was elected and has enthusiastically pushed our project through Council in just on two years. The Dog lovers of Mapleton  are very grateful to you Councillor David! We just can’t thank you  enough”.

The Mapleton Lilyponds Park was chosen because the…

“area offers the community a good overall layout and central location to town”… “The park provides a well-located area away from other park users for locals to exercise their dog. It’s easily accessible for all our community members, with ramps and rails. It’s also in close proximity to car parking whilst being away from the main road and vehicular traffic.”

Information from the SCRC website

Click on the following for more information:

Sunshine Coast Council. Have your say.

Sunshine Coast Council. Living and Community.

40Km Speed Zone

Over the past 7 years or so there have been numerous complaints from residents regarding the safety of pedestrians in the Mapleton Village precinct. Of particular concern is the safety of:

  • people crossing Obi Obi Rd to visit the shops and medical facilities
  • people exiting their cars after parking on Obi Obi Road
  • vehicles exiting Post Office Road to turn left onto the Mapleton- Nambour Road, and
  • vehicles exiting Post Office Road to enter Obi Obi Road

MADCA wrote to the Minister for Transport and Main Roads (TMR) on several occasions and met with engineers from TMR to discuss a way forward.

TMR has studied the situation and considers that any improvement is a low priority as there are no recorded deaths at this corner and in the village. We have discussed options such as making a roundabout and installing slip lanes, but the topography does not lend to such engineering options. The engineers have indicated that the lowering of the speed limit through the Village might be a suitable strategy to address these concerns, however there would need to be considerable community support for this matter to be considered. We also discussed this proposal with the Member for Nicklin Rob Skelton, who was supportive of the proposal.

The Streetscape committee of MADCA found that during their community consultations there was widespread concern about the traffic situation and safety of pedestrians in the Village.

As a result of this situation MADCA went down the path of establishing a petition to gauge support for the proposal to maintain the 40kM/h speed limit through the Village on a permanent basis. The proposal was to have the reduced speed limit on Obi Obi Road from Emu Walk to the T intersection, and to have the reduced speed limit on Flaxton Road from approximately outside Mapleton Realty to Smith Park. Post Office Road will remain as is at 50kM/h and there is a stop sign at this corner.

There was a fantastic response. Over 650 signatures were received. The petition has now closed and been returned to the Petitions Office of the State Government for presentation to the parliament.

Meet and Greet

The MADCA was pleased to attend the ‘Community Meet and Greet’, hosted by the Mapleton Bowls Club on Saturday 25th September. The event was attended by several community organisations: Blackall Range PROBUS, Craft Club, Range Care, Mapleton Tennis Club, MADCA, Mapleton Choir, the Library, Zonta, Mapleton History, Mah-jong, the Lions Club, Sunshine Coast U3A and RangeCare. The purpose of the event was provide a venue for local clubs and organisations to come to gether and layout their stalls for the community.

It was also an opportunity for the bowls club to launch its 75th Anniversary Book. The club had its 75th anniversary last year.